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Professional Land Resource Management Company

Sovereign Natural Resources offers comprehensive professional land and resource management for the oil and gas industry. Not only do we seek to procure acreage in some of the most promising oil and gas plays in the United States, but we help our partners with the leasing or buying of mineral rights. We also work with landowners who wish to lease or sell their mineral rights to the oil and gas in their properties. And we do it all in a way that offers benefits to everyone involved.


Land Resource Management

As a land resource management company, we provide many services related to exploration and development of the land we manage. We work with a vast network of commission-based landmen, which allows us to help our clients with services such as abstracting and curing land, royalty and mineral titles; database building and administration; mineral and royalty purchasing; right of way acquisition; and many more.


Expanding your reach and helping you find the minerals and mineral rights you need, at terms that help you stay within your budget, is where Sovereign shines!


Selling or Leasing Your Mineral Rights?

If you’re a landowner, you may not have even been aware that there were natural resources hidden within your property. Or perhaps you knew that oil and gas were there, but not how to monetize them or who to call with your many questions! Sovereign Natural Resources and the professional land agents we work with handle the buying or leasing of mineral rights and make sure the landowners we work with understand the process at each step of the way.


Project Opportunities for Professional Landmen

As a land management and land resource company, Sovereign constantly needs the services, expertise and input of land professionals across the nation. We offer valuable subscription options that can help landmen find project work as they seek more long-term employment in what many find to be a crowded job market.


Sovereign Natural Resources excels at building mutually beneficial relationships with energy professionals throughout the oil and gas industries. Contact us today to find out what partnering with Sovereign can do for you or your business.


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