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Resource & Land Management Services

With a vast nationwide network of over 1,000 professional landmen throughout the U.S., Sovereign Natural Resources is everywhere your company needs to be -- providing the resource and land management services that help all of your acquisition needs.


The commission-based model we use when we partner with independent landmen allows your company to maintain complete control over your landman payables. Through the professional independent land agents who join forces with us, we provide:

  • Title Services, including abstracting Land, Mineral and Royalty Titles and Title Curative services

  • Lease Negotiation and Acquisition, including educating landowners who are potential lessors about the benefits of leasing their mineral rights 

  • Right-of-Way Acquisition

  • Database Construction, Administration, Management and Consulting 

  • Division Order Analysis 

  • Drilling and Production Historical Research

  • Due Diligence Analysis, pre- and post-acquisition, both Courthouse and In-House

  • Eminent Domain Proceedings research and support

  • GIS and Mapping Services 

  • Mineral and Royalty Purchasing

  • Oil, Gas, Mineral and Surface Lease Take-Off and Acquisition

  • Property Acquisitions, Divestitures, Research and Analysis

  • Real-Time Database Reporting and Real-Time Access

  • Seismic Permitting Surface Damage Settlements


Our resource and land management services are designed to help you make the most of your investment of time and money on any project -- so we provide highly efficient project management services that helps your operations stay ahead of schedule and under budget. Contact us today to learn why Sovereign Natural Resources is the land management company to choose, no matter the size or location of your projects.

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Sylvester "Rusty" Robinson III

office:  (432) 279-0392

mobile:(812) 573-6005



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