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Work with Sovereign


Are you an oil or gas landman who has been looking for work but is dismayed by the dismal job market for land professionals? More and more land professionals find themselves out of a job each year. Not only is it almost impossible to find steady landman jobs, but it can be difficult even to find enough field projects to help feed your family!


So instead of competing for the same (very limited) landman jobs offered by the same handful of brokers, isn’t it time to try a new solution?


Enter Sovereign Natural Resources. We join forces with landmen daily who can help us service our clients and the many projects in multiple basins that we manage.  The result: The land agents who partner with us get the steady work, the ability to manage themselves. Finally, an opportunity get skin in the game, profit sharing in order to gain the income they need to secure their family’s finances and valuable experience that can help further their careers.


At Sovereign, we create true synergy by bringing landowners, oil and gas landmen and the energy industry together to create opportunities for all. We invite professional landmen across the U.S. to partner with us and team up on the land projects we currently have available and future deals for years to come.


So if you’re a landman seeking work and willing to take on rewarding projects, don’t wait – become a Sovereign Landman today and partner with a winning team!


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