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Lease Your Minerals

Oil and gas companies are always on the lookout for mineral-rich properties and landowners who are willing to lease their mineral rights. Sovereign Natural Resources has access to and manages over 300,000 gross acres of land throughout the United States, in addition to working with over a thousand landmen nationwide. What that means is that we have the reach and variety of clients to provide the best terms for you and your family on your oil and gas lease.


Landowners aren’t always knowledgeable about their mineral rights and what it means when you lease your minerals, so we also make sure they understand the process and what to expect -- basically, we handle all the details of your mineral lease agreement so you don’t have to! 


With comprehensive project management and a large nationwide network of land agents, landowners and other players in the oil and gas industries, Sovereign Natural Resources wants to be your Personal Land Agent and is the clear choice when you are looking to lease your property. Contact us today to get started.

For more information contact us:

Sovereign Natural Resources Inc.

Office: 432-279-0392

Personal: 812- 573-6005              


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